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CH 151 Announcements

August 8, 2021

Welcome to the Summer 2022 CH 151 Homepage! This site is not quite ready for the Chemistry 151 Summer 2022 class... but feel free to look around, and let me know if you have any questions! Peace!

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What's Due This Week

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This schedule shows what we will be doing (and is due) during each day of CH 151.

Problem Sets

These are the problem sets which will be due this quarter in CH 151.

Lecture Videos

These are videos created by the instructor to help you learn the concepts in CH 151.

Video: Chapter 1
Video: Chapter 2
Video: Chapter 3 Part I
Video: Chapter 3 Part II
Video: Chapter 4 Part I
Video: Chapter 4 Part II
Video: Chapter 6

Learning Resources

These learning resources will be of help while you learn the material in CH 151.

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Contact Me

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Contact me any time you have questions, ok?


These are the lab assignments we will complete in CH 151.

Quiz Answers and Sample Quizzes

This section will contain answers to quizzes taken in class during CH 151. Also, sample quizzes from previous terms of CH 151 are provided (with answers.)

Other Resources

These additional learning resources might also assist you while learning the concepts in CH 151.

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Questions? Contact me!