About Dr. Michael A. Russell

Professor of Chemistry
Science Division
Mt. Hood Community College
26000 SE Stark Street
Gresham, Oregon, USA 97030
Phone: (503) 491-7348
E-mail: mike.russell@mhcc.edu
Internet: https://mhchem.org


B.S. in Chemistry, Southern Oregon State University, 1990
Dr. Roger Nielson, Research Advisor

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Dartmouth College, 1996
Dr. Dean E. Wilcox, Thesis Advisor

Director, DarkToLight Web Productions, 1996-present

Academic Web Sites: Facebook: http://facebook.com/mhchem

Twitter: http://twitter.com/mhchem

YouTube: http://youtube.com/marsmars2

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Personal Information:

Favorite color: Black

Eating Philosophy: Vegetarian / Vegan (a "flexivegan"?)

Favorite Expression: It's All Good!

Favorite Musicians: Rapoon, Marissa Nadler, Death in June, Dead Can Dance, Troum, Azam Ali, Debussy, Wagner, Harold Budd, Bethany Curve, Portishead, Johnny Cash, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Zoviet France, Muslimgauze, Fear Factory, 93millionmilesfromthesun

Favorite Authors: Robert Pirsig, Hermann Hesse, James Redfeld, Douglas Coupland, Michael Cunningham, Saul Bellow, Richard Bach

Favorite Movies: The Matrix, What Dreams May Come, Seven, The Sacrifice, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Prometheus, The Avengers, Solaris (both versions)

Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek, Millennium, Kung Fu, The New Detectives, Game of Thrones, True Detectives, The Mandalorian

Favorite Foods: Pizza, pasta, nachos, jo-jos, burritos, sushi, curries, anything Indian

Hobbies: Hiking, running, snowshoeing, mountain biking, astronomy, drama, opera, meditation, videography, music creation, cinema, and, oh yes, Skyrim :)

My Family:

My wife Jill and I were married in 1999.

Our son Grayson was born in 2003.

We currently have two cats.

We enjoy sharing our happiness and love of life with our son... everyday is a new day, full of hope and promise.


I adore music and photography/videography. You can find me on Bandcamp here under d2lmusic.

A few of my favorite original songs:

My family in 2005 and 2016
OK, if you're still here (lol!) I have a few video projects that I participate within as well. The full list of videos can be found here and here, but here are a couple of my favorites as well.

"Don't Be Late", a fun video created for an Adobe online educator class (May 2019)

Scratch Dub", a music video created by me using found archived footage set to a song I created in 2004…. enjoy! (May 2018)
Preparing the Table for Christmas" (lost 1950's video footage with Jack Carona) (December 2017)

All of These Fanboys" Music Video" for Mrs. Hunter's 7th grade (May 2016)

"The Hobbit - Trailer" 6th grade video project (May 2016)

Grayson and Daddy on the Tractor" Fun video for a TLC grant (2005)
Apple Distinguished Educator project (2023)

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