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May 17, 2019

Welcome to Chemistry 221! My name is Dr. Michael Russell and I look forward to meeting you. This website is now ready for the Fall 2019 class.... so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at mike.russell@mhcc.edu... and welcome!

I think you will enjoy Chemistry 221 as we discus the concepts of matter and energy and the interactions between them. We will be studying the composition of the atom, the concept of the mole, stoichiometry, solution chemistry, thermochemistry, quantum chemistry, and much more. We will look at Chapter 1 through Chapter 6 this term.

You will get a copy of the CH 221 syllabus during the first week's lab (Tuesday 8 AM, Tuesday 1:10 PM, Wednesday 1:10 PM, or Thursday at 8 AM, depending on your scheduled lab period), but you can view the CH 221 website (with the online syllabus, labs, etc.) in advance if you'd like here: https://mhchem.org/221

Here's what is happening during the first week in CH 221:

  • First and foremost, Welcome to CH 221! Make sure you purchase the Chemistry 221 Companion (with Labs, Problem Sets, PowerPoint notes, etc.) from the MHCC bookstore. (You can download it as well if that is easier, but printing it will be a big job... I recommend getting a copy from the bookstore.)
  • Next, download the (free and legal to do so) Textbook for Chemistry 221. This textbook comes from the open source (and very cool) OpenStax Foundation, a part of Rice University.... this textbook is free to download and use... you do not have to purchase a textbook for this class!
  • If you have not done so already, be sure to read the Chemistry 221 Syllabus and the "Getting Started in Chemistry 221" Guide. This guide will offer tips on how to get started in the class.
  • We will start the "Identification of an Unknown Compound" Lab this week. The Identification of an Unknown Compound lab is a "traditional" lab with chemicals which will require a typed lab report. This lab is due during the second week of the term.
  • Learn about the Chapter Guides this week. The Chapter Guides will assist you in learning the material for each problem set by delineating the varied course materials into a navigable outline.
  • Try reviewing Chapter Guide One which will help you to learn the material from Chapter 1.
  • There will be no quiz or problem set due this week. During week 2, we will discuss Problem set #1 which covers problems from Chapter 1; we will also take Quiz #1 which covers material from Problem Set #1. Practice Problem Set #1 might be of help while completing the problem set; answers are included at the end. Here is a sample Quiz #1 (answers) to help as well.
  • Finally, you might wish to start thinking about this term's Class Presentation. The Class Presentation topic this term is Elements, and you need to reserve your unique element choice with me as soon as possible. Email me directly or use the online form to get your element request in early, if you'd like. Please note that I will not respond to your request until the second week of class (when my gradebook is up and running.)

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Welcome to Chemistry 221!

A video greeting from your instructor Dr. Michael Russell

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