CH 221 Chapter Guides

What are the Chapter Guides?

The Chapter Guides System offers a method to help students learn the material to be covered this term in CH 221. Each week a different chapter guide will offer tips and tools to learn the concepts and master the material. Completing the chapter guides is completely optional, but it has proven useful for some students.

Most chapter guides consist of four components which include:

  • The Overview section introduces the material to be studied in the chapter guide, and it outlines the basic concepts and ideas to the reader.
  • The Resources section offers a series of learning aids to help you assimilate the concepts in the chapter guide. You do not have to utilize each learning resource equally, but you are welcome to explore each resource to the level which best suits your learning.
  • The Practice section provides an opportunity for you to take your new skills and understanding and practice them using "real world" examples. For us, we will be practicing the relevant skills in problem sets and related systems.

Getting Started:

To start, select one of the Chapter Guides and explore its contents. Again, completing each section is optional, but it can be helpful when learning the material for the first time. Contact the instructor if you have any questions!

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