Chemistry 151 "What's Due This Week" Schedule for Summer 2019

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The class textbook is free and available here:
Questions? Ask the instructor.
Week Dates Assignment
1 6/24 Introduction to course
    Lecture: Chapter 1 Part I
    Lab #1: Eight Bottles
  6/25 Lecture: Chapter 1 Part II
    Lab #2: Problem Solving - The Dimensional Analysis Method - lab due Monday, July 1 at 8 AM
  6/26 Problem Set #1: Chapter 1
    Quiz #1 - Conversions, Significant Figures, the Metric System, etc.
    Lecture: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, Part I (Nomenclature)
2 7/1 Problem Set #2: Chapter 1
    Quiz #2 - Chemical History, Isotopes, etc.
    Lab #3: Chemical Formulas - Nomenclature
  7/2 Lecture: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, Part II (gram/mole/atom manipulations)
    Lab #4: Determination of the Density of Liquids and Solids
  7/3 Problem Set #3: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (no balancing of equations)
    Quiz #3 - Nomenclature only
    Review for Midterm Exam
3 7/8 Midterm Exam (covers Chapters 1 - 3); bring scantron, calculator, pencil, no make up if missed
    Lab #5: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Models
  7/9 Lecture: More Chapter 3 Part I (Balancing Equations)
    Lab #6: Chemical Equations and Reaction Types
  7/10 Problem Set #4: Chapter 3 (balancing of equations)
    Quiz #4 - Balancing Chemical Equations
    Lecture: More Chapter 3 Part II (Manipulating Chemical Equations)
4 7/15 Lecture: Chapter 6 (Atomic Orbitals and Electrons)
    Lab #7: Percent Potassium Chlorate in a Mixture
  7/16 Problem Set #5: Chapter 3 (Manipulating Chemical Equations) and Chapter 6
    Quiz #5 - Manipulating Chemical Equations only
    Review for Final Exam
  7/17 Final Exam - covers all chapters, no make up if missed; bring scantron, calculator, pencil
  • Problem Sets are due on the date listed
  • Labs are due on the following class period unless stated otherwise
  • Quizzes are all "show your work" and last about 30 minutes
  • The Midterm and Final use a mix of multiple choice and show your work questions and last about two hours
All dates subject to change.
Attendance during all sessions is mandatory. No make up lab sessions will be provided.
Class meets at 8 AM in AC 2501 on MTW during the first four weeks of summer quarter

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