CH 221: What are the differences between CH 221 Section 01, CH 221 Section H1 and CH 221 Section W1?

Chemistry 221 is the first of three 10 week (one term) classes designed to introduce chemistry concepts to scientific and engineering majors. At Mt. Hood Community College, Chemistry 221 consists of three one hour lectures per week and one four hour combined laboratory / recitation section per week... this is Chemistry 221 Section 01, a "normal" course of Chemistry 221 provided to students with extensive face to face teaching and learning.

Chemistry 221 Section H1 is a Chemistry 221 class designed for students who live considerable distance from the Mt. Hood Community College main campus or for those whose work schedule prevents them from attending the "normal" classes in the Chemistry 221 course (i.e. CH 221 Section 01.) Taught consecutively each year since the Fall of 2000, Section H1 has only one required meeting time per week - WEDNESDAY afternoons from 1:10 PM until 5:00 PM - reducing the amount of time spent on campus from seven hours per week over four days down to four hours per week on one day.

Section H1 does not lose the academic integrity inherent to the normal Chemistry 221 course. Lectures are replaced by intensive self-study at home through web-based tutorials, textbook guides, lecture notes, and through other study materials. In addition, students of Section H1 may attend the normal Chemistry 221 lectures if their schedule permits and with the permission of the instructor.

In March of 2020 COVID-19 forced Mt. Hood Community College to move exclusively to online classes, and out of this transition came Chemistry 221 Section W1. Section W1 is exclusively online - students never have to step foot on the MHCC campus! - and I have done my utmost to maintain the high learning standards already present in Section 01 and Section H1. There is a loss: students will never weigh out chemicals in the lab, and learning virtually is quite different from face to face learning; however, the medium has been successful, and we plan on offering it in the near future. (Students debate whether hearing the instructor's lame jokes during live lectures is a detriment or a benefit of taking CH 221 Section W1.... but this topic should be discussed at a different time! lol)

For students requiring the complete Chemistry 221, Chemistry 222 and Chemistry 223 sequence, a H1 Section and a W1 Section of Chemistry 222 will be offered during the winter term; and a H1 Section and a W1 Section of Chemistry 223 will be offered during the spring term. Normal sections of Chemistry 222 will be offered during the winter, spring and summer (first five weeks) terms, and normal sections of Chemistry 223 will be offered during the spring term and during the second five weeks of summer term.

Whether you require the traditional lecture and lab Chemistry course or the specialized Chemistry Section H1 or Section W1 version, you will find the course to suit your needs at Mt. Hood Community College.

For additional questions, please email the instructor, Dr. Michael Russell.

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