Quiz of the Week - Chemistry 221 Nomenclature

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A Quick Review of Nomenclature

The three types of nomenclature covered in this tutorial are: Common cations and anions are listed in Chapter 2 or so of our textbook. You will be responsible for knowing the names of the various polyatomic ions as well as their formulas. You will also be responsible for knowing any element names and symbols that might occur.

Note that we will be studying other nomenclature classes throughout the CH 221, CH 222 and CH 223 series. During later chapters we will examine the nomenclature of acids and bases. We will also be studying organic nomenclature in CH 222, and we will be investigating inorganic nomenclature in CH 223. Scientists do tend to classify and name everything they get their hands on... :-)

Chemistry 221 - Nomenclature

1. The correct formula for sodium carbonate is:

2. The correct formula for magnesium nitride is:

3. The correct formula for chromium(V) cyanide is:

4. The correct formula for dinitrogen tetraoxide is:

5. The correct formula for lithium chlorate is:

6. The correct name for Na2S is:

7. The correct name for Cu3(PO4)2 is:

8. The correct name for NH3 is:

9. The correct name for SF6 is:

10. The correct name for Zn(OH)2 is: