Quiz of the Week - Chemistry 221 The Metric System

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A Quick Review of the Metric System

The metric system is based upon powers of ten, and its versatility to a variety of measurements (i.e. mass, length, volume, etc.) makes it indispensable for scientists. Here are the five primary metric prefixes you will need to master in chemistry:
As an example, let us use these prefixes with regards to length. The base unit of length is the meter (m), and we can apply our fix prefixes this way:
These are just conversions for dimensional analysis like any other. For example,
To solve, we will use
We will start with the 3.06 km, then convert this to meters, and finally convert meters into centimeters. Therefore,

Initially we canceled km and were left with meters, then we canceled m and were left with cm.... and this is what the problem asked for, so all is well!

Chemistry 221 - The Metric System

1. How many nm in 3.06 m?

2. Convert 3.06 mL into L.

3. How many kg are in 3.31 mg?

4. How many ng are in 3.04 micrograms?

5. Convert 3.14 x 1012 ns ("nanoseconds") into days.