Simple Nomenclature - Formulas to Names

This is a basic exercise in naming simple compounds using an "American" version of the periodic table. This page does not contain any transition metals, so do not use Roman numerals. Spelling matters! No effort has been made to analyze input against possible spelling errors, so double check before entering a name and use a periodic table to be certain. Capitalization does not matter. For those combinations for which prefixes are not needed,e.g. CaCl2, their use will result in an error. To start, press "New Problem" to display a formula. Enter the name of the compound and press "Check Answer." Pressing "Show Answer" will cause the correct answer to appear and you will no longer be able to submit an answer for that problem. (Note: please use "bicarbonate" for HCO3-1 in this drill, and make sure you use "Cesium" for Cs and "Aluminum" for Al.)

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