Atomic Spectrum of Hydrogen

This exercise uses the Rydberg equation as the basis for posing questions related to the electronic energy levels of the hydrogen atom. You will need to use your textbook to obtain the Rydberg equation as well as several other needed expressions and constants. A very specific dimension set is used. Energies are always in Joules, wavelength in meters and frequency in sec-1. Note that the value of the Rydberg constant varies, based upon what is being calculated. This page bases its calculation on energies and uses a value of 2.179*10-18 J for the constant. All computations on this page go through the energy. If you wish, you may use other values of R to calculate wavelengths or frequencies more directly.To begin, press "New Problem" and a question will appear. Answers in scientific notation should be input using "e" notation; thu, 2.05*10-20 would be 2.05e-20. Put the correct value into the answer cell and press "Check answer." The results and a running total appear in the second table. If you get a problem "incorrect", redo it and recheck your answer. Pressing "Show Answer" will cause the correct answer to appear and you will no longer be able to submit an answer for that problem.

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