Questions For the Mayor

Time to do some Research:

As the mayor of Springfield, you goal is to listen to the people of Springfield. What are their needs? How will the plant benefit Springfield? How will it hurt Springfield?

Questions the Mayor Must Consider:

Status Report:

  1. Investigate the job opportunities the plant would bring to Springfield. Include type, salary, and number.
  2. What community service will the plant provide to Springfield. New parks, road improvement, sewer system upgrade and many others.
  3. Create a detailed, 4 step, process on how the town should proceed.
  4. What environmental problems might be associated with the construction of a new plant? How can these problems be averted?

Values Assessment

Action Plan

You must now present your Special Report to the Web Quest Team in the form of a brief informational summary of your findings. Remember, not everyone understands nuclear power and there exists many misconceptions about it.

Good Luck. The City of Springfield is counting on you!

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WebQuest originally developed by Keith Nuthall and adopted as appropriate by Michael Russell