Standard Electric Board Member Questions

Time to do some Research:

Your goal is to assure the people of Springfield that their town will be positively effected by constructing a nuclear power plant.

Questions the Board Member Must Consider:

Status Report:

  1. What is the current state of electric power production in the United States?
  2. How much profit margin is there in nuclear power?
  3. What Community Services will Standard Electric provide to the community?
  4. Create a detailed, 4 step, process on how the town should proceed.
  5. Create two more question your team feel are critical to the success of your presentation.
  6. Provide an emergency disaster plan.

Value Assessment

Action Plan

You must now present your Special Report to the Web Quest Team for debate. Remember, not everyone understands nuclear power and there exists many misconceptions about it.

Good Luck. The company is counting on you!

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WebQuest originally developed by Keith Nuthall and adopted as appropriate by Michael Russell