Senator Questions

Time to do some Research:

As a politician, your job is to represent the constituents in your state. That means that unlike the other members of investigation team who can focus on one subject, you must take into consideration what is good for many different interests: business, environment, need for a reliable energy source, and how this will effect your re-election effort.

Questions the Senator Must Answer:

Status Report:

  1. How does Nuclear Power benefit the state? Assume the state is Oregon for this exercise.
  2. What state and national safety regulations are in place to assure the plant is safe.
  3. Are there any statistics that demonstrate the public's opinion on nuclear power?
  4. Create a detailed, 4 step, process on how the town should proceed.

Values Assessment

Action Plan

You must now present your Special Report to the town in the form of a brief informational summary of your findings. Remember, not everyone understands nuclear power and there exists many misconceptions about it.

Good Luck. The State is counting on you!

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WebQuest originally developed by Keith Nuthall and adopted as appropriate by Michael Russell