SOS Member Questions

Time to do some Research:

You are an environmental activist, and your group believes that the environment should outweigh the economic growth.

Questions the Save our Springfield Member Must Consider:

Status Report:

  1. Why do nuclear power plants raise the temperature of water, and how does this change the environment that the local wildlife is accustom to?
  2. What other types of pollution do nuclear power plants produce?
  3. What other types of energy resources do you recommend? Compare to other forms of energy producing plants.
  4. Create a detailed, 4 step, process on how the town should proceed.

Values Assessment

Action Plan

You must now present your Special Report to the Web Quest Team in the form of a brief informational summary of your findings. Remember, not everyone understands nuclear power and there exists many misconceptions about it.

Good Luck. The environment is counting on you!

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WebQuest originally developed by Keith Nuthall and adopted as appropriate by Michael Russell