Engineer Questions

Time to do some Research:

As an engineer, your job is to represent your company. That means that you have a vested interest in the construction of the plant. Your main objective is to explain how safely a nuclear power plant works.

Questions the Engineering Member Must Answer:

A Summary:

  1. Explain the basic idea of how nuclear power works.
  2. Explain the basic structure of a nuclear power plant.
  3. Explain the basic safety measures that assure guard against accidents.
  4. Present a time line on the construction of the project, and an estimated on-line date for the plant.
  5. Create two more questions that your group feels are critical to the success of your project.

Value Assessment

Action Plan

You must now present your Special Report to your Web Quest Team in the form of a brief informational summary of your findings. Create a detailed, 4 step, process on how the town should proceed. Remember, not everyone understands nuclear power and there exists many misconceptions about it.

Good Luck. The company is counting on you!

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