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American Chemical Society
The largest professional society in the world, the A.C.S. offers many fascinating links and tools relating to chemistry.
Electrochemical Society
A site designed for your electrochemical needs.
The National Science Foundation
The United States government agency which promotes science and engineering programs.

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Amino Acids
Choose your favorite amino acid and find out the linear structure, CAS Registry number, molecular formula, and more!
Biotechnology Information Center (National Agriculture Library)
Searchable access to a variety of information services and publications covering many aspects of biotechnology.
Biochemist Online
Contains links to much of the reference material useful to biochemists that is available on the Internet.
Expasy Molecular Biology Server
Provides access to databases containing citations and 3-D color images of protein sequences & enzymes! Also provides links to other molecular biology sites.
SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins
Describes "structural and evolutionary relationships of all known protein structures." Organized by class, fold, super family, family and species. User can browse the hierarchy or use a keyword, amino acid sequence, or PDB identifier search to navigate. Provides hypertext links to a variety of different information sources, including Swiss-3DImage, RasMol Script, Chime View, NCBI Entrez Sequence Entries, and Protein Databank Entries.

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Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety Bibliography
Provides citations for chemical safety information located in the University of Chicago Libraries (with the appropriate call numbers for their collection), although there are some links to Internet sites.
National Toxicology Program
Contains testing information, publications, health and safety information, and participating agencies.
Safety Information Resources on the Internet
Contains information pertaining to occupational and environmental safety, including e-mail lists, text and graphics files, MSDS, and links to other safety and health web sites.

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Chemistry (General Resources)

American Chemical Society
Contains information about the society, including an events calendar. Also contains a job database.
Chemical Industry Supplier Registry
Manual compilation of chemical suppliers enabling buyers to easily source manufacturers for price and capacity of commodity and specialty chemicals by name or CAS registry number. Site includes new projects, free magazines, jobs, news and events.
Chemistry of the Elements Info for High School
Nice collection of Internet sites for chemistry, arranged by broad subject.
Computational Chemistry (Ohio Supercomputing Center)
Contains files on the computational chemistry mailing list, sets of data for use with computational chemistry programs, documents describing various methods, approaches, standards, jobs, periodicals, legislative information, software, and style sheets for LaTeX, bibTeX, and ChemTeX.
Links for Chemists / Virtual Library Chemistry
An excellent source for finding chemistry information on the internet.
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry
Contains links to academic institutions, non-profit and commercial organizations, chemistry software and specialty ads, chemical industry consultants, publications, employment opportunities and announcements.

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Chemistry Tools

Accessible by common or chemical name, molecular weight, molecular formula, evaporation rate, structure, or CAS registry number. Information includes melting, boiling and flash points, RTECS, DOT and EPA codes, specific gravity, solubility, vapor density, and structure. Also contains links for each compound.
Chemicool Periodical Table
Contains data for the first 110 elements (general, states, energies, oxidation and electrons, appearance and characteristics, reactions, forms, radius, conductivity, and abundance).
The NIST Chemistry WebBook
Searchable database of thermodynamic and ion-energetics data. Searchable by name, formula, and CAS number.
Contains links to "simple interactive calculators for chemistry." Includes isotope patterns, element percentages, oxidation states and electron accountancy.
Molecule of the Month
Each month a new molecule is detailed... very interesting.
RasMol Home Page
Rasmol (as well as Chime and Protein Explorer) can view molecular models, and this site has information on RasMol as well as the other related topics.
Provides access to information on commercially available solvents, including health and safety considerations, chemical and physical data, regulatory responsibilities, environmental fate data, and manufacturer information. Includes detailed searching instructions.
Web Elements and the Periodic Table
Contains links to data for the first 112 elements (general, chemical, physical, biological, reduction potentials, electron configurations, etc.), although the complete Periodic Table is shown. Also includes links for publications and posters and nomenclature of the heavy elements.

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Educational Resources

Brightstorm Homework Help Videos
Brightstorm contains a variety of videos relating to chemistry (as well as math, biology and physics) which may prove helpful as you learn chemistry concepts... worth checking out.
Chemical Mahjong
A free mahjong-like game which helps students learn polyatomic ions, oxidation numbers, and more. Currently (October 2012) it is available as a free App for iOS and Android devices as well!
Chemical of the Week
"In his General Chemistry courses, Prof. Shakhashiri distributes a weekly fact sheet about a chemical or type of chemical to increase students' knowledge about chemicals, their production, cost, and uses." So far, fact sheets include topics such as chelates and chelating agents, methyl tertiary-butyl ether, ethanol, the chemistry of autumn colors, and lime.
Chemistry 003 Homepage
A wonderful collection of utilities from Georgetown University for general chemistry with only some of them being course-specific for Chem 003.
Chemistry 145 (Van Bramer) Homepage
Great collection of general chemistry tools and utilities.
Chemistry Teaching Resources
Wonderful collection of tools for both the instructor and the student.
The Dynamic Periodic Table
A dynamic periodic table; the information changes as the mouse glides along the different elements.
Famous Women and Minority Chemists
A set of pages devoted to famous women and minority chemists with extensive biographical information.
The webpage designed to accompany this textbook.
The Nobel e-Museum
The official website of the Nobel Foundation with biographies and information on the recipients of their awards.
The Osiris Property Explorer
This JAVA based website allows you to enter a structure, then the molecule is analyzed for toxicity, drug likelihood, and other features.
The Periodic Table of Tech
Pick an element on the periodic table to see how it is used in the items around us... very cool.
The Periodic Table of Videos
An awesome collection of chemistry videos highlighting each of the elements. Fun to browse through, if you have time to kill!
Ring Resources: The Guide to Gold
A commercial site, but an excellent overview of the element gold can be found on this page.... impressive!
Science Teachers' Resource Center
An award-winning website devoted to the sharing of educational ideas in science.
Understanding Water Conductivity for Kids
A great site (for more than just kids!) explaining water conductivity.... cool.
The Why Files
An outreach of the National Institute for Science Education which attempts to explain the science behind topics in the news.

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Electronic Journals

Chemical & Engineering News
The weekly publication of the American Chemical Society. Some sections are available to anyone while others require a password.
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Chemical Education

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Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology

EXTOXNET - EXtension TOXicology NETwork
Provides information on pesticide toxicology and environmental chemistry, including discussions of toxicological issues of concern (TICs), toxicology newsletters, other resources for toxicology information, toxicology fact sheets, Pesticide Information Profiles (PIPs), and Toxicology Information Briefs (TIBs).
The US EPA Student Center
A rich source of information on environmental issues.

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The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements
A very fun site to explore the lighter side of the elements...
Making Chemistry Hard
A top ten list of things to do to make chemistry as difficult as possible.
Poetic Table of the Elements: The Periodic Table of Poetry
Odes to the elements! A must-see site!
This Week in Chemistry
Special events in the field of chemistry are outlined.

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Inorganic Chemistry

Division of Inorganic Chemistry
The behaviors of the Inorganic Division of the American Chemical Society are explained.
Inorganic Chemistry Teaching Resources
Tidbits from Washington State University for helping teach inorganic chemistry.
Tungsten, Palladium and Other Transition Metals
A commercial site, but an excellent overview of many of the transition metals (i.e. more than just W and Pd!).... impressive!

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American Heritage of Invention & Technology
Discover Magazine
National Geographic
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Science News
Scientific American
Suitable for high-school level and above

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Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Glossary
A pretty cool glossary of common terms used in organic chemistry (and majors level first year chemistry as well!)
Organic Name Reactions
This is an outstanding list of organic name reactions; one of the best I've seen!
Organic Nomenclature
A tutorial to help guide your understanding of organic compounds and their names.

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Physical Chemistry

Zona Land
This site contains an expanding set of tutorials on physics and math applications.

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Web Tutorials

Chemical Bonds, Molecular Shapres and Molecular Orbitals
A tutorial to help understand the principles of molecular bonding.
Organic Nomenclature Introduction Tutorial
A tutorial to help guide your understanding of organic compounds and their names.

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