Introduction icon What are the Chapter Guides?
The Chapter Guides offer a blueprint or map which can be used to navigate the various study materials available to you on this website and in the textbook.

The chapter guides consist of four components for each section, each with its unique icon. They are:

overview picture The Overview section is basically an introduction to the material which outlines the basic concepts and ideas behind each section.
resources pic Resources lists a series of learning aids to help you assimilate the chapter(s). You need not feel like you have to utilize each learning resource equally, but you are welcome to explore each resource to the level which best suits your learning.
experiences pic Experiences is a place for you to share your experiences regarding this section's material with the instructor and other students on Discus, the mhchem mailing list and in open discussions.
practice pic The Practice section provides an opportunity for you to take your new skills and understanding and practice them using "real world" examples. For us, we will be practicing the relevant skills in problem sets and related systems.

Also, be sure to look for the Self Test icon Self test iconfor non-graded practice quizzes and the audio and/or video introduction from the instructor at the beginning of each Chapter Guide.

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