Solutions to Practice Problems Week 4

1.    Circle the element with the highest first ionization energy and underline the one with the lowest first ionization energy:

S           Cl          Se            Br

2.    Circle the largest atom and underline the smallest atom:

Na          Mg           K         K

3.    Write formulas and give the names for the ionic compound formed between the following pairs of elements.

(a)   Na & N     Na3N - sodium nitride

(b)  Na & O     Na2O - sodium oxide

(c)   Na & F      NaF - sodium fluoride

(d)  Mg & N     Mg3N2 - magnesium nitride

(e)   Mg & O     MgO - magnesium oxide

(f)    Mg & F      MgF2 - magnesium fluoride

(g)   Al & N       AlN - aluminum nitride

(h)   Al & O       Al2O3 - aluminum oxide

(i)     Al & F       AlF3 - aluminum fluoride

4.    Name or write formulas for the following:

(a)   potassium nitride K3N

(b)  sodium sulfide Na2S

(c)   lithium chloride LiCl

(d)  barium phosphide Ba3P2

(e)   magnesium oxide MgO

(f)    nickel(II) hydroxide Ni(OH)2

(g)   chromium(III) phosphate CrPO4

(h)   copper(I) carbonate Cu2CO3

(i)     cobalt(III) nitrate Co(NO3)3

(j)    iron(III) sulfate Fe2(SO4)3

(k)  SnO2 tin(IV) oxide

(l)     AlN aluminum nitride

(m)   K3P potassium phosphide

(n)   Pb3N4 lead(IV) nitride

(o)  MgCl2 magnesium chloride

(p)  Cu2SO4 copper(I) sulfate

(q)  Na2CO3 sodium carbonate

(r)    Mn3(PO4)2 manganese(II) phosphate

(s)   Zn(CH3CO2)2 = Zn(C2H3O2)2 zinc acetate

(t)    Co(OH)3 cobalt(III) hydroxide